Rough poster 6


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 09.33.45.png


Rough Poster:

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.51.35.png

This rough poster was created with the idea of showing off Kings college, one of the most famous colleges in Cambridge, one of which a lot of Cambridge’s history is built around. The poster instantly shouts ‘typography’ as the typographical element jumps out from the poster, and is practically unavoidable to read. The main inspiration for this poster was a Simba poster; feature at the top of the page, that I explored for my research. I took from this poster the idea of using typography to make up a shape; in this case Kings College, and used the idea that it would be the main focal point of the image.

I feel that this rough poster is so far one of the best posters that I have created.  feel the link between the words and images is incredibly strong, as together they make a bold statement, and without each other appear boring. The image does not appear to have a simple effect, yet the combination of words and images is fairly straight forward, as the words make up the image. The contrast between the black and white colours used is additionally something I feel helps this poster become successful, as the bright white of the typography has a unity with the background, whilst jumping out from the black, and appearing to be incredibly visible from afar.

The web address within this poster is additionally a way in which more than one word and image combination can be featured within my poster without over complicating it. Placing this typography at the top of the image makes it noticeable, yet the small font gives the main text ‘Visit Cambridge’ hierarchy over this element of the design. The words simultaneously move from one end of the top of the college to the other, allowing the audiences eyes to draw across the top of the imagery. This combination of words and images is something I am quite fond of.

To improve this design further, I could think about adding in elements of texture, such as the folded paper effect seen in the Simba poster, and also changing the colour scheme, experimenting with colours I feel would suit my target market.


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