Rough poster idea 2

Based on the idea of Cambridge being the city of cycling.


This idea purely focuses on the idea of cycling and how cycling is and can be used as a key method of transport for getting around Cambridge, and viewing its historical places. The poster shows a bike along with the words ‘Visit Cambridge’ which appear as though they are stamped into the person’s skin. This idea was to show the bond between bikes and Cambridge, and how there is a ‘skin deep’ bond between cycling and the city. The sky blue colour that the bike features in is something which links directly into the ‘Visit Cambridge’ website, aiming to represent the idea that the rebranding of their design has not changed too drastically. Blue is additionally a colour which is key to my target market, whilst also being a colour used often to represent Cambridge.

The composition of the poster is fairly simple, as the ‘Visit Cambridge’ word and image combination features as the focal point of the design, slightly toward the left of the page.
I am particularly happy with the combination of words and images in this design as I feel it is fairly different, and clearly combines the word and image as one. This gives the words and images a unity between them, whilst additionally showing a sense of realism in the design. To continue, the slanted angle of the typography shows a link to Abram Game’s ‘Jersey’ Poster, which incorporates slanted lettering, drawing your eyes in a particular angle on the poster. This angled design is something I hoped to use through this idea, whilst despite not having a majorly obvious link to Abram Games, shows a more modernized, unusual twist to the design. The least successful part about this combination of words and images I feel is the prominence of the text itself, as its sunken appearance into the skin is something which would restrict it from being read from far away. This flaw in the design is something which could be adapted if the design were to be developed further. I feel the initial combination of words and images is strong despite this, however the sizing of the typography is another thing letting the design down. For example, the lettering appears fairly small, which give the imagery in the design hierarchy over the words. My aim was to show the words ‘Visit Cambridge’ as the most striking part of the poster, showing the audience the place perhaps before they’ve even taken in the imagery. This could easily be improved by making the text larger, which additionally would give it a larger status within the poster.
Another way that the design could be improved is through featuring one of the colleges within the design as this would then help with the understanding of the main concept, making it clearer that bikes can be used to get from different parts of Cambridge on a bike tour of historical places.
The font used in this deign uses a serif style approach, which was done to create further links to my target audience. As I am looking to advertise for a fairly sophisticated audience, I feel that Serif fonts fit my audience as they show a mature, sophisticated style, allowing my design to focus on their age group.
Whilst being very fond of this design and the meanings behind it, I feel that the lack of links to my research is something which makes it a weaker design. Although already mentioning Abram Games’ influence on my design, I feel this unobvious link is something which weakens the idea. To meet the brief further, a stronger link to research would have to be included, as it would show more of where the idea came from. Despite knowing this, I feel it was an incredibly challenging thing to show through my design, and if I choose to refine this design, this is something I could think about.


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