Rough poster idea 4

Inspired by strawberry fields are forever and Isaac Newtons tree and theories in Cambridge.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 21.12.48.pngThis is a rough poster which takes influence from ‘Strawberry fields forever’ By Jonathon Lax. It is centred on the idea of using Isaac Newton’s theory as a main area of focus for the messages shown within the poster. Whilst studying at Cambridge, Isaac Newton supposedly sat under a tree when an apple fell and hit his head, leading him to discover the idea of gravity. This slightly embellished story is majorly famous, but more importantly, leads one of the most ground breaking discoveries in Cambridge. Still standing, Newton’s tree can be found just outside the front grounds of the colleges and is a key tourist destination; especially for those interested in history. Using this to influence my design, I have used Jonathon Lax’s style to develop an apple made up from typography, telling Isaac Newton’s story. By doing so I have created an incredibly Historic poster, in attempt to create a strong link to Cambridge and also enticing my target audience. However, this design needs a lot of refinement.
Using reds clearly links into Jonathon Lax’s style, whilst sticking to the use of fruit to additionally show how this designer has influenced me. However, I feel that a different colour scheme is something which would make my word and image combination even more effective. Using more appropriate colours, such as those linking into the Visit Cambridge website, or the muted tones I have shown this particular audience to be interested in, would make the design link to my target audience further.
The rounded shape of the apple allows the words to create the imagery incredibly well, whilst the sizing of the letters go from large to small, allowing the audience’s eyes to move from the top to bottom of the design. Additionally, this sizing makes the words ‘Visit Cambridge’ the largest part of typography, giving it hierarchy over the other bits of text.
Using typography to become the imagery is a clever technique that Jonathon Lax incorporated in his design and was therefore something I wanted to try when making my ‘Visit Cambridge poster’. Due to this, I feel that my poster has an incredibly strong way of incorporating type and text, allowing a strong focal point as the typography draws your eyes to the centre of the page. The successes of combining words and images in this way is the unity the words and images have as they both work with each other to perform different purposes.


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