Rough Poster idea 1

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 14.21.02.png

I designed this rough poster following the style of one of the Designs I looked at for my research. The idea is based upon Cambridge being a Historical city, using imagery which appeals to my specific target audience. The combination of words and imagery is seen through the vines which grow up the sides of the building and create the words “Visit Cambridge”. This is a major part of the design that I feel could be adapted further, making it even more suited to my audience. I additionally feel that use of the vines are quite unrealistic, and therefore if I were to refine this idea further, I would use something else in place of them.

I am quite fond of the combination of words and images in this design and therefore feel if I were to use something other than hand drawn vines, the design would be stronger.

This is my first Rough Poster idea. It uses vines which grow up the sides of one of the Cambridge Colleges and spell out the words ‘Visit Cambridge’. I chose to develop this idea as I felt it represented the historical side of Cambridge well through the idea of using a college as part of the design, and additionally the idea of using natural forms to present the words ‘Visit Cambridge’ is something which I felt was a strong idea, as this would appeal to the particular age group I have chosen as my target market. The idea links to my research through the shoe lace poster that I explored for my research, as I wanted to use the idea of part of the image creating the words. However, I feel that this design does not show an obvious link to research, and therefore could be developed further in order to make this link stronger. The meaning behind my idea was to show the Historical aspect of Cambridge through the colleges, and present the idea that education has formed the majority of Cambridge’s History. The colours I have used in this particular piece are fairly muted tones, which are centred on the use of greens and browns. Using a sense of Natural based colours, I feel these work particularly well for my target audience, as I feel that they refer to the Historical links Cambridge has, and how Cambridge is an incredibly beautiful place, as green in not an uncommon colour around the colleges. Using Photography as part of this design adds further links to my research, as this is additionally what they used as part of their shoelace design poster. Additional links come through the background of my poster, which is a texture of the college pictured, used to show links to my research poster, as a texture has been used for the background of their poster. One of the main successes of this poster I feel is the word and image combination. It uses an element of the picture to combine the words with the image, whilst clearly spelling out the words ‘Visit Cambridge’. The vines entwine the lettering as though they are one, which uniquely appears as though the words are part of the image. A more realistic effect would be to make the vine look as though it is more real, by perhaps using photography instead of purely drawing for this particular aspect on the poster. Despite feeling that my combination of words and images is quite unique, I feel it is fairly boring and from a distance would be quite hard to read. Despite green being an ideal colour to represent Cambridge and additionally link to my target audience, I feel it is not vibrant enough to make a strong statement, and from a distance would blend into the background. Furthermore, the poster is fairly simple which makes the word and image combination look quite boring, as it does not stand out from the rest of the poster. No sense of background and foreground is created, which is another aspect of the poster that could be altered. By bringing the vine which features the words within it, slightly forward from the background of the piece, I feel the typography would have hierarchy over the rest of the image and be a lot easier to read. Additionally, this would centre the focal point specifically on the word and image combination, making it seem more important, and also a more prominent part of the design. The inclusion of further word and image combinations on this poster would make it a lot more effective, as would allow the design to become more creative.
The main way that this poster would appeal to my target market is through the imagery used, along with the word and image combination. As an incredibly famous part of the city, imagery of part of the Cambridge Colleges represents the historical aspect that my target market is particularly drawn to. The link to the age group is then shown further through the vine which creates the words, as it represents the idea of Cambridge being an incredibly beautiful place to see, as nature is spread throughout the city. Despite feeling it already has a link to the age group I intent to advertise for; I feel that this word and image combination can be made even stronger by using even more imagery linked to Cambridge’s history. Additionally, the vine shows a frail, weak idea of typography, which does not include typography that is specific to my audience. Including a ‘Serif’ type face as part of my word and image combination is something I feel that would make my design even stronger.
To make this design fully meet the brief, I would change the type face in order to make it link into my target audience further, whilst also changing the word and image combination to make it more historical, perhaps by using my idea of education, and pushing it further in the design. Whilst doing this, I would try to link my design in further to the ‘’ website, by perhaps including some blues, or use of gradients, to incorporate some of the websites aspects.


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