Refined poster 1


screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-19-08-50This is a refinement of one of my original cycling inspired rough poster design. The main things I adapted within this design are the background, ‘Visit Cambridge’ typography, and the addition of new typography.

Firstly, I made the main typography within the poster stand more as I felt that it was not prominent enough to be read from far away, and this was therefore restricting the design. To do this, I duplicated the layer multiple times within Photoshop, which allowed me to reduce the visibility of this part of the design. Despite doing this, I still feel that this typography is quite weak as it is not a singe block colour which still restricts how easy it is to read. However, the way these words are combined with the image is something I feel that worked incredibly well, as the two appear as one. I found it fairly tricky to do this, yet feel combining them worked well. The additional text I have added to this poster is the phrases ‘cycling keeps Cambridge moving’ and ‘The city of cycling’ These phrases I added as ideas of slogans, in ways which intend to advertise Cambridge as a bike friendly place. The phrase ‘cycling keeps Cambridge moving’ I added to the shoe of the design in an attempt to combine this with the image. However, I feel like this combination of words and images is not too successful, as the words appear as though they are sitting on top of the image of the shoe, which is not the outcome I had intended. Furthermore, I feel that the typography is fairly un-neat which doesn’t help this aspect, and the hand drawn effect is something which relates less to my target audience. To improve this particular part of the design, I feel that I could use a Serif based typography to provide a more elegant look, whilst making the design seem more appropriate for the audience I am advertising.

The development of the background of this poster is something I felt was crucial to the design, as I felt the inclusion of a specific historical place in Cambridge to advertise the idea that bike tours can be taken in the city was an important message behind the design. Therefore I have placed a photograph of kings college, along with a bike wheel, to show this. I feel that adding these elements into the background of the piece gave the poster a fuller look, and demonstrated the original idea more.

Overall, I am quite happy with this design as I feel it represents my ideas well. However, I feel that the design does not have much of a set colour scheme which makes the poster seem quite random, and the bright green grass behind the main focal point of the image draws your eyes away from the typography. I feel that the word and image combination worked well, however does not suit my audience type as I feel it has more of an urban, modernised feel to it. Therefore, I will not be taking this design further.


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