Final Logo

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 19.21.06.png

I id not do much further refining of my chosen logo as I felt it was the strongest out all of the ones I had designed so far, and was the best fitted to the brief. The addition of serifs to this logo was something I felt worked well in ways which I hadn’t planned. The historical aspect of Cambridge can be seen through the small images of the college I have included within the logo, whilst the bike touring idea is seen through the bike wheel. Therefore, this logo combined both of my ideas whilst still appealing to my target audience.

The colour scheme I found was something that worked well with the design since the original idea. I therefore barely adapted this, as the bright orange colour made the logo eye catching.

Overall I am happy with my logo, and feel I designed it to the best of my ability. However, there are still aspects I would change if I were to do this project again. For example, I would try a range of typefaces, rather than just experimenting with two, in order to give myself a wider range to select from. I would additionally change how the words and images are placed within the poster, creating more ways I could have my final logo.


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