Final Poster Design

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 22.19.27.png

This is my final poster for the project. I extremely happy with how it turned out and I feel that is the most exciting combination of words and images that I have come up with so far. It uses aspects of my different designs to come up with a more interesting outcome, rather than just sticking with only one of my designs. By including parts from a few of my designs on this poster I feel that it has allowed me to come up with a broad range of word and image combinations.

This poster is mainly inspired by the ‘Lion King’ poster that I looked at as part of my research, and therefore uses texture in the background. AS i found that this texture was something that worked well, I used texture for parts of the typography, giving it a more interesting effect.

There are many different word and image combinations within this poster. One of these combinations uses a hat which I originally produced as a logo, but late felt the idea would be more suited to a poster, especially as my poster is education based.Therefore, I used this idea to include some key words within my poster, exampling the things Cambridge has to offer. I feel that these combinations work well, as they create an interesting path for the audiences’ eyes as they follow the sting round and reach the top of the hat.

Another combination of words and images comes from the scarf held by the university student. I used a similar idea to this s part of some of my other refine posters, and felt that this part of the idea was successful, so carried it through to my final piece. Holding up a scarf, the student appears to be showing the word ‘Kings College’ in a typeface I chose to suit the audience type.This combination of words and images is fairly simple, but I feel it is also effective. On a yellow background, the typography stands out well, an the shape of the scarf allows the words to flow drawing your eyes from one end to another.

The last two word and image combinations come from the original poster, and have hardly changed. This is due to the fact I felt that these parts were already very strong, and therefore di not need to be changed to drastically.

Overall, I feel based upon the history aspect of the poster, and the blue colour scheme to create a calming mood, this poster suits my audience type quite well. I also feel that by combining words and images within so many different ways, my final poster meets the brief well, and I am pleased with how it has turned out.


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