Refinement 1:


This is the first refined poster of my idea. It is based around the shoe lace design which I looked at for my research, and uses the string part of a graduation hat to create the words Visit Cambridge. I am quite happy with this idea as I feel that the imagery is relevant to the target audience as clearly depicts the historical areas of Cambridge. However, I feel that the typographical elements of the poster are less effective, as the typeface has less connection with my target audience. I feel that the combination of words and images within this poster is quite effective as the imagery creates the words, linking the two together. I am also quite pleased with the colour scheme of this design, as I feel it clearly shows historic links and represents this aspect through the poster. However, despite this historical link, I feel that the colour scheme could be adapted further to include elements that link into the Visit Cambridge Website, whilst also linking to my target audience. I feel that the style of the typography works well for the particular imagery, as this is something which allows the words to be quite free, making the audience’s eyes flow around the shape of the typography. I hope to develop this design further by using even more combinations of words and imagery within it.

Refinement 2:


This is the second refinement of my rough idea. I am quite pleased with the way this design has turned out as I feel the colours within the poster work well together. Additionally, I have adapted the word and image combination slightly by changing the colour and neatening up the writing, in an attempt to make it look slightly more sophisticated, and less messy.  I feel that the word and image combination within this piece is quite strong, as it looks quite believable that the words have come from the string attached to the students hat. However, a flaw in this part of the design is the fact that the letter T’ is not crossed, and appears more of an ‘L’ due to trying to make the string element look realistic. This may make the words deceiving from a great distance.

Using yellow for the typography in this word and image combination makes the connection the words have with the image a lot more striking. This additionally creates a clear, set focal  point, allowing the image of the building to fade into the background of the design.The white silhouette shapes around the design also help to bring forward the word and image combination, as the sharp angular shapes of the building almost point at the typography. This style of typography was specifically aimed to look like string, and therefore does not consider audience too much. However, a stronger connection between the type of audience my design is aimed at could be created by developing this looped string effect into more of a calligraphy.

In an attempt to combine the words an images in more of a creative and realistic way, I tried using actual string to get a more interesting outcome. I found manipulating the strong into a set style particularly hard, and was not pleased with the outcome.

The use of string is something which I felt would allow my work to develop more connections with the designers work that I had explored in my research, yet only learnt how hard it is to produce such a successful outcome as the one I had looked at.

The particular angle of the string with these designs has rough reference to Abram Games’ ‘Jersey’ poster, in which the typography is placed at an angle drawing your eyes in an angled position. With this idea in mind, I purposefully put my typography at an angle.  Using string allowed me to see a different take on my design, but I found the appearance of the string too forced, which did not work well on my poster. I found the string hard to connect to the imagery because of this, and felt it had not worked well, and chose to not take this idea much further.

Refinement 3:


This is the last refinement I made to this particular design. With the influence of the ‘Sydney City’ poster I looked at for research, along with the shoe lace design poster, I combined the two. Using buildings, I referenced the Sydney poster as well as angling silhouette shaped buildings in the style of this design. The words and images used were under the influence of the shoe lace design, which additionally uses a similar style to the other refinements of this poster.

One of the main adaptions with this poster was the changing of the colour scheme. I felt I needed a colour scheme which was more appropriate for my audience and additionally had strong links to the Visit Cambridge website. Furthermore, I feel that the blues and whites seen within this poster have connotations to the sky, which evokes quite a calming mood, suitable for my audience type.

I am not as happy with the word and image combination on this refinement as I am with the other two refinements, as I feel that it appears quite random, and as if it has no correlation to the rest of the image. To continue, I feel that despite the white colour of the typography contrasting nicely against the blue background, the colour of the text along with the style of the typography makes it hard to read from as distance. The large loops that are included within the text I feel are quite casual, and less suitable for advertising the sophisticated nature of the history in Cambridge.

Overall I feel that this idea was not that successful, and would need a lot of refinement if I were to take it further.


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