Refined poster 3

Refinement 1:screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-19-49-30

This is the first refinement of my Kings College poster. I have started by using a brown texture for the background of the piece, something which the Lion King poster I looked t as part of my research inspired me to do. I additionally added a place name; Kings College, at the top of the page, giving my design further link to my research. This is something which I feel looks effective on the poster, as gives the negative space more of an even quality and almost reduces its appearance, however, I feel it is a weak way of combining words and images. As the words are featured sat the center top of the page, I feel that they prove to have no correlation with the image itself and therefore appear entirely separate. This is something that I hoped to refine further with this idea, as I wanted to create more than one interesting way of combining words and images, and I felt that this particular combination did not fit the brief that well.

To continue, I feel that adding a coloured texture to the background of the piece was very effective. The reason I thought this was because of the way the poster appeared fuller itself, and allowed the typography to feel as though it was actually cut out from the silhouette of Kings College.

The majority of this poster I chose to keep the same, as I mainly wanted to experiment with the use of texture to see how it would affect the design, and to see whether it would be as effective as it is in the Lion King poster in my research.

I feel that the link to my target audience is quite strong in this piece, as the historical aspect of Cambridge can be seen through the college pictured, and the brown colour scheme has correlations to things such as old buildings, showing Cambridge to be quite a historical place. Despite feeling this brown colour works, I feel that adding a sense of blue into this poster will give it more links to the ‘Visit Cambridge’ website, and show that I have thought about the re-branding, giving it some links to the website.

I am incredibly happy with the outcome of this design, and feel that refining it further will make it even more successful. I plan to create some more word and image combinations that could be added to this poster to make it more interesting,giving it a stronger link to the brief.

Refinement 2:


This is the second refinement I made to this poster. I tried to experiment with different word and image combinations by changing the perspectives of the Visit Cambridge web address, and the ‘Kings College’ typography. I feel that by moving the Kings college typography, I have made it come part of the design more as it appears as though it is included within the image. However, I am still not happy with this word and image combination and feel it needs refining further.

As I said I would, I added in blues to this refinement. I feel that this particular blue gives the poster more of an electric feel, which is almost aimed at more of a younger audience than the one that I had aimed to target. To develop this further,I would make the blue colour less vibrant, and make it more like the colours used on the Visit Cambridge website, as I feel this would be more audience appropriate.

Refinement 3:


This is the third refinement of my Kings College inspired design. I feel that this is the most successful refinement out of the three that I have created so far. I completely changed the colour scheme with this design to make it more suitable for my target audience and link to the Visit Cambridge website and I am happy with how this has turned out. I additionally added a further texture to the typography, as I found that using a texture for the background design worked well and therefore I wanted to add more into my design further on.

I additionally added the use of gradients within this design as this is something which is featured on the Visit Cambridge website, and I feel that it looks very effective on my poster.

I have not experimented further with the typography in this design but feel if I were to take this design further it would need even more refinement. For example, I feel that the typefaces of some of the typography on my design could be edited and adapted to suit my audience more, perhaps by the inclusion of some Serif typefaces, making the design appear more elegant and sophisticated.

I additionally feel that the combination of words and images needs further adaption within this design as the negative space could be used for additional words demonstrating further ways of combining words and images within this poster.I feel that the combination of words and images on this poster is strong so far, as the words blend into the structure of Kings College. However, I feel the design would be more innovative if more than one word and image combination is included. The web address I feel is a particularly strong part of this poster, as it looks as though it is part of the structure of the building, and the size of the typography fits in well with the little features at the top of the building.

I hope to take this design and develop it further as I feel that out of all of my designs, this one features the best combination of words and images, and along with the textures used, is the most innovative design.


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