Refinement 1:


This is the first version of my refined poster. It uses a simple typeface, which much like the Sydney City poster I looked at for my research, goes in and out of the different aspects of the building. This word and image combination is incredibly simple, but I feel the simplicity to it is what makes it effective.

This poster has one main link to the Visit Cambridge website through the blue gradient used in the sky, which is a tone I additionally feel Works well for my chosen target audience.

I used Photography for this design as I feel it linked in best to what the designer in my research had done, and I felt that the realism Photography would portray within my work makes it even more sophisticated, and suited to my target audience.

The typeface is something I am less happy with on this design, as I feel that it does not have much link to my target audience and if I am to refine this design further, this is the main aspect that would need changing. I additionally feel that the design lacks individuality and creativity, and perhaps looks too much like the design I looked at for research. Therefore I feel a lot needs to be changed with this design.

Despite this, I am very happy with the word and image combination and feel that it is subtle, and along with the blue background, has quite a quiet, calming appearance. I feel the white colour works well in the design as it almost alludes to the idea of the letters being like clouds, making their placement look natural within the design. Additionally, the perspective of this design is something which works well, as the image is rotated like the one seen in my artist research, putting more emphasis on the typography as it draws your eyes across the page.

I am very happy with how this design has turned out, and hope to develop it further, starting with making the font more appropriate for my chosen audience.

Refinement 2:


This is the second refinement of this poster, where I have attempted to add in the web address and change the style of the font shown. I feel just by changing the font, the design appears to have changed quite considerably. I feel that the text is more audience appropriate, however it seems to be less visible, as the thinner typography is slightly harder to read.

I feel that the placement of my web address works fairly well on this design as becomes part of the image, yet is not that noticeable. This works for showing the hierarchy that the other part of typography has over the web address, yet I feel that the visibility of both is quite poor.

Due to the typeface being fairly thin, I feel that changing the placement of the typography may improve the visibility of the “Visit Cambridge” text. As this is one of the most important parts of the poster, I feel that the size and placement of it is crucial to the design. However, if I am to change the way that the typography sits I feel it will be quite difficult to use this same style of word and image combination and therefore feel that taking this style forward would be quite tricky.

I additionally feel that despite the colour scheme of the design working quite well, perhaps changing the colour of the typography will make the design more effective. Making it a more prominent colour, the text may be easier to read from a distance, making it a lot easier to read.

Refinement 3:


This is the third refinement I did of my design. I changed the colour of the typography to a colour which relates to Cambridge more. using this blue colour creates further links to the Visit Cambridge website, whilst also working well for my target audience. Additionally, I felt that removing the White still made the lettering hard to read, so I added a white silhouette to go along side the building and begging the typography, in attempt to bring the words forward from the background of the page. I feel that not many more word and image combinations can be added to this design, as it would over complicate it, and therefore I feel that I cannot take his design forward.


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