final evaluation

When I fist got the brief for this project I was very excited about designing posters and logos advertising Cambridge, and thought it would be a lot more straightforward than it turned out to be. The part I enjoyed most about working on the brief was making thumbnails of my ideas, although I found this tricky, I enjoyed the anticipation of trying to figure out a better idea than the last one I had thought of.

To begin the project, I took some pictures around Cambridge to be the starting point of my posters and logo ideas. I then started to design some rough posters and logos, which was the process of getting my ideas going. After this, I developed my logos and posters on the computer, where I took different steps in refining them to make them as successful as possible, I found this stage quite tricky. After I had done this, I had to round up my ideas and produce my final outcomes, which was again another tricky process, as I wasn’t sure which ideas to go with.

My research for this project was incredibly helpful to me. It allowed me to gain an insight into what other designers do to combine words and images, and how these appear within their posters. It additionally oped up a wide range of ideas for me, allowing me to draw inspiration from various aspects of their work. The main parts of my research that influenced my work fell under the Tourism poster category and ones which I had found as extra parts of my research. A lot of my influence came from a poster of a shoe, which despite not having much correlation with Tourism posters, it gave me a range of ideas of how I could use a similar word and image combination within my work. I was additionally influenced by a Lion King Poster which was designed for Untreed Studios, as I was particularly drawn to the word and image combination within the silhouette of the Lion. I felt the simplicity of this poster was particularly interesting and allowed more focus to be upon the words and images, which uniquely entwined lettering into the face of the animal. As I took such an interest in this, I knew I wanted to use it for designing my Visit Cambridge posters, so much to this extent that it became one of the main influences for my final outcome.

Throughout this project I feel I explored a vast range of word and image combinations and felt I experiment with completely different things allowing me to get a broad range of ideas.

Out of all the designs I have produced, I feel that the most unsuccessful of my designs would be the designs influenced by the shoelace poster. Despite looking quite pleasing, I feel that these had the least connection to my target market purely through the typography, and therefore they were most likely the least successful. Despite feeling a lot of my designs were unsuccessful, I feel I did have a wide range of ideas that were successful, such as the Kings College designs used for my final poster, as I feel the word and image combination is particularly strong, as the words appear as they are part of the building.

Overall, I enjoyed this project but found it very challenging to factor in all the different aspects of the brief, such as having links to the Visit Cambridge website, pleasing the target market, and showing unique and innovative combinations of words and images.From this project, I have learnt how hard all these things are to factor into one design, and feel that I will take elements of the research to influence me when doing other projects, as I have fund out that researching other designers work was particularly useful to me.



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