Artists Research

 Gustav Klimt, “The kiss” 1907

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 13.35.31.png

This piece of artwork shows a sense of romance through the positioning and gestures of the people within it. As the man is lent in to kiss the woman, we get a romantic feel through the imagery used. The colours in this piece of artwork are mainly centred around the use of yellows and oranges, colours connoting things such as a sunset and overall giving the painting a happy feel. Standing on a flower bed, the focal point of the image appears to be the two people, as they hold each other in delight. This flower imagery used additionally conveys the idea of summer, and a happy emotion can be implied through this. The materials used to produce this piece of artwork are oil paints and gold leaf on canvas. Gold leaf is a type of gold that has been beaten into a thin sheet, which can then be used in various different art forms. Using it as a medium for this painting additionally shows the elaborate feelings that the two lovers feel for each other, perhaps suggesting their love is like the greatest riches. The gold leaf gives the painting almost a speckled gold effect which then adds elements of gold as if it were some sort of magic dust or powder, allowing inferences to a magical sense of love. Whilst the gold leaf works well for the painting, I feel oil paint would have been a more difficult medium to use representing loving emotions. Due to its thick texture on canvas, the heavy look of oil paint is something which I feel is less likely to be effective in demonstrating the light hearted and emotional aspects of Valentines day. However, the artist has used this particular medium in an effective way, as the bright colours of the paint bring a joyous emotion, bypassing the thick nature the paint has to it, and turning it into a soft, light and cheerful picture.

Pablo Picasso, “Woman with Folded Arms” 1901

Image result for Pablo Picasso, “Woman with Folded Arms” 1901

This painting evokes a sad, depressed mood as the blue colours connote unhappiness. Additionally conveyed through the woman’s face, this painting conveys a sense of depression as she frowns, with her arms sternly crossed as she sits alone. I feel that the colours are the most important part in showing these particular emotions through the painting as the black areas contrasted with the blues give connotations to a rainy day, or even tears. This dark atmosphere shows the true feelings the painter wanted to convey through the piece. As it has a simple composition, the focal point is on the person which with their saddened face, give the woman an unimpressed look. The main part of this artwork that gives it a deep, depressed appearance is the dark, dull colour scheme. This piece of artwork is an example of how the artist has thought carefully about colour scheme, and how they can convey such emotions by simply using various different shades of blue.

Thomas Lawrence “The Calmady Children” 1823

Image result for Thomas Lawrence “The Calmady Children” 1823

A sense of joy is immediately shown through the loving gestures made as two children sit together. There faces have an innocent sense to them, suggesting they are young and vulnerable, additionally backed up by the warm tones shown through their skin. A sense of love and caring is shown through these pink colours, which contrast with the darker background of the piece, putting the two children in the main focal point of the picture.

Claudio Parentela “Painting1254” 2013


This mixed media piece by Claudio Parentela has an interesting structure to it. The disjointed, cut out effects of it allow the image to be quite confusing, evoking a whole range of emotions.The bright colours evoke happy emotions, which are backed up by the happy faces seen in the picture. Using a range of materials additionally backs up the idea that this piece of art work evokes happy.

“Lost” Painting by Noe Vicente

Saatchi Art Artist Noe Vicente; Painting, “’Lost’” #art

This painting by Noe Vincente immediately conveys a sense of sadness and loss, s the boy sits saddened on the side of the streets as if he has lost all hope. The atmosphere around him shows a sense of pathetic fallacy, shadowing the sad emotions he feels inside. The colours of the image are something which show this saddened sense straightaway, as the blues and reds connote things such as rain and loss, giving the audience an aunderstanding of what the boy must be feeling.


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