Birthday card Reseach

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This birthday card uses a wide range of different medias. I feel it most likely uses different layers of paper, along with string, film strips, Biro pen, watercolours an tissue paper. The many different forms of media used can be seen mainly through the background of the piece. Using such a wide range of media definitely depicts the idea of celebration as so many different things are used to represent the celebration of a birthday. Using this amount of different materials definitely makes the card seem fuller, and gives it a textured appearance. However I feel a key part of advertising a birthday is the inclusion of bright colours, something that this card has very little of. This celebratory effect is instead portrayed through the vintage tones and scrap-book like imagery seen on the main design. I have learnt from this card that a celebration can be advertised in less of a direct way, yet still have a lot of meaning.

Image result for Birthday card creative

This card has a very three dimensional effect as the candles stand prominently put on the front of the card. The background seen behind these candles is a brown style card, which is slightly textured, giving the card  natural feel. The celebratory feel is something I feel this design is lacking in as the green, yellows and browns give off more of a sense of nature, and less celebratory.  From looking at this card I feel that the colour scheme is incredibly important to the design and portraying the emotion of the card.


Image result for Birthday card creative

This cars uses bright colour in a clear celebration of a birthday. These colours are something I feel portray a celebratory feel incredibly well as the bright colours catch your eyes and are generally things connoted to happiness. The techniques used to produce this design I feel are quite simplistic, as the lettering of ‘HAPPY’ looks as though it has been made out of coloured card, along with paper strips behind it to make up the rainbow effect. The main focal point of this image is in fact the rainbow colours as they contrast against the black background and take up the majority of the front of the card. From looking at this particular example of a birthday car, I have learnt how bright colours are key to advetiing happiness, and work well when shown up against a darker background.


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