New Baby Card Research

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This is the first example of a New Baby card I found. It instantly appears as though it is advertising the birth of a baby girl, therefore already reducing its amount of sales. It appears to mainly use paper as its main material, and looks as though it has been quite simply composed. Each element of paper used is texture, giving the design a less boring appearance, and overall a fuller look. The light patterns, and pink colours that have been used in this design give off a very girly sense, which additionally appear as very delicate things, making the card incredibly suitable for the birth of a child. The lighthearted nature of the design is additionally something that gives of a celebratory effect, showing clear ways in which patterning can be used to evoke an emotion.

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This card is made from a range of different materials, which are uniquely combined to make a ‘New Baby’ card. It is made from a range of things such as typography, coloured paper/card and pencils. The typography that makes up the body of the bird


Image result for new baby card embroidery

This New Baby card appears as though it has been purely made up of different patterned materials, that have been individually layered up and sewn together to make up the main image on the front of the card. Using stitching is something that appears very delicate, showing a caring sense which is a lot like the care a mother would give to their child.


This new baby card has a very simplistic colour scheme, and overall layout to its design. Working with pinks, reds, and whites, the designer has centred the card around being suited to the birth of a baby girl, additionally written through the typography on the card. Using these colours additionally gives off a loving feel, having connotations with things such as love and compassion, perhaps even a family bond. The pinks within this card also help to show the card is for a baby girl, as pink is stereotypically a colour favoured by little girls. Whilst showing that the card is made for new babies, the materials used additionally help to convey this message. The majority of the materials used within this design appear to be different patterned cards, in colours which suit the audience. As well as this, the designer has used a white card with an embossed spotted pattern on it. Using an embossed effect, the designer has used one of the five senses; touch, which is a very common sense in newborn babies. At such a tender age, babies use their hands to feel different surfaces, something which would make this card appealing to them. This shows how the use of embossment has been particularly successful through the use of materials in this card. Additionally, buttons are featured on this design, a part which is additionally very prominent on the card. Whilst adding to the sensory effect, the buttons also have strong links to babies as they are often found on their clothing, and perhaps shoes, as shown through this design. Buttons additionally have a shiny effect, and appear smooth like a baby’s skin, suggesting they are soft and new like a newborn baby itself.  The overall emotions given off from this card are a sense of love due to the colour scheme, yet I feel the materials are something which does not add to this sense. As card has quite harsh edges, the majority of the materials on this design do not have too much suitability to babies, as I feel that softer materials may demonstrate this sense further. Using softer materials, such as felt may link into the softness of the baby’s skin; where as this designer’s main use of card has a harsher approach. However, there are other elements within this card that convey the cute, loving sense, which people feel towards newborn babies. This sense of cuteness is seen through the shoe imagery on the design, as many people find the tiny feet of babies incredibly cute, especially as they are something which will not be this small forever. This suggests the designer has focused the card around the idea of babies being new and cute, which is appealing to many. Overall, I feel that some of the materials within this design, such as the buttons and embossed card work very well in conveying a babyish sense, whilst making the card more appealing. However, not all of the materials within this design I feel are as successful, therefore restricting the emotions portrayed through the materials. I feel that the strongest element of this card is the use of the buttons, and therefore would like to use these when designing my new baby cards. I will additionally take from this design the idea of how specific colours can create gender specific cards, and be careful in my colour choice because of this.


This new baby card is another card which immediately appears very gender specific, through its use of colours which stereotypically are preferred by little girls. This pink, red, and white colour scheme is something which is commonly used within new baby cards, as the loving connotations that come with the colours create a sense of compassion, shown towards the new baby. Furthermore, this loving sense is additionally conveyed through the use of materials in the design. For example, the design appears as though it is layered up by a soft fabric, which has been stitched onto the card. A creased flower, along with a white frilled material is also shown, with additional paper, giving the design a wide range of material use. This use of soft fabrics, which I can infer are some sort of felt, are a particularly strong part of the design as they demonstrate the soft feel of babies skin, whilst also being a material that would appear to a baby through their sensory touch. Adding to this, the delicate stitching which keeps this material in place on the design has reference to the baby’s delicate nature as they are small and vulnerable when they are born. It additionally implies that a lot of love and care has gone into the making of the card, which are emotions felt when a new baby is born. The typography ‘sweet baby’ is placed next to the flower imagery, which link to the idea of real flowers being ‘sweet smelling’, whilst linking into the sweetness of a new baby. The flowers add in further to this delicate effect of a baby, and the light nature of the petals created by the thin material show how the handling of flowers has to be incredibly gentle, much like when holding a baby. The white lacy material used additionally has links to delicacy, whilst also showing a sense of royalty and importance, perhaps used to suggest that a new baby is top priority in a family. The main focal point of this card is imagery of a baby, which is placed in the centre of the card. This links into this idea that a new baby is at the centre of the family, prioritised by those around it. The baby appears as if it has been painted in watercolour paint, as it is seen in quite light colours, perhaps representing the light and delicate nature of a newborn child. Overall, I feel that the materials in this design work incredibly well for showing the nature of a new baby, and therefore have a very successful effect within the card. I hope to use a range of materials like these within my card designs, especially paying attention to the feel of the fabric, and using soft feeling fabrics for my new baby cards.


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