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These ‘With Deepest Sympathy’ cards are an example of a card which has been made with mixed media materials. They have a very simplistic design and appearance yet uniquely use more than one medium.  I feel that a mixture of paper, digital typography and embossing has been used in the process of designing this card. Due to the prominent appearance of the flowers on the design, I believe that they have been individually hand crafted and made out of coloured paper. This delicate process is something which has made the card very effective. Using these different mediums and materials, the card has a very caring feel to it, and the design itself gives off an emotional sense. The caring nature of handcrafting each flower suggests a lot of thought has gone into each card, portraying a sympathetic atmosphere, which was also the card intention. The patterned embossed effect on the card additionally helps to show this nature of the card as it appears light and delicate, showing a sense of care. Due to this effect, areas of negative space on the card have been filled, and give the card a fuller look. However, it is not overly decorative as aims to show compassion through its simplistic nature. The simplicity of the card additionally gives the message om it more focus, as along with the flower design, comes into the focal point of the piece. Due to the heavy reliance on the cards message, the emotion is clearly shown, as is described through this. I feel that this piece uses materials techniques and processes’ very effectively. The design is not over complicated, so shows sympathy, yet the three dimensional effect of the flowers gives the card a bolder look, additionally giving the flowers quite a lifelike sense. From looking at the card, I am particularly interested in the method of using paper to creative carefully designed flowers, or things which are relevant to my designs. The flowers on this card portray emotion well, and due to their prominence and importance on the card, I feel that they are incredibly effective. Using paper as the medium is additionally something I feel would work well for me, as it does not involve extreme process’, but overall has a very successful outcome if done well.
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This ‘With Sympathy’ card is another example of a card I found that uses a range of materials, techniques and process’. It features a dog made from origami paper, with a ribbon bow tie, hand drawn features, and googly eyes. Additional methods are seen through this card, as it features an embossed effect outlining the cards border, and used for the main message of the card. As such a range of materials are used amongst this card, I feel it is hard to depict one specific emotion. The main focal point of the card is the dog, and from a distance would be the most prominent, an perhaps only part of the design which would be visible. The embossed effect of both the border and the typography is something which I feel portrays a sense of compassion and empathy amongst the card. The font is delicate and light which additionally connotes care and kindness. However, I feel that this caring nature is then taken away by the main focal point of the card; the dog. Overlapping the typography, the huge nature of the dogs head leaves little room for negative space, dominating the card. Furthermore, the use of googly eyes give off more of a comical, childish effect contrasting with the main message of the card. The beautiful art of paper crafting is something which I feel is not shown through the origami, as the large, bold appearance of the dog has little sense of delicacy and caring emotions. Due to this, I feel that the origami used on the design is something which is more likely to attract children, than someone who is buying a sympathy card. In contrast to this, the dog imagery used may suggest a sense of happiness, in a bid to cheer up the receiver of the card. Dogs in particular are an animal of which is known for bringing a sense of joy, and perhaps the designer of the card included the dog knowing this. Despite this, I overall feel that this card is not as effective as other sympathy cards I have looked at, and feel that emotions are not portrayed well through the majority of the materials used. Therefore, I feel choosing the right mediums and materials when designing my cards is something which will effect the message of the card greatly, and is something I will have to think about very carefully.

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This is another very simplistic example of a Sympathy card.It features a vast amount of negative space, yet thinks very carefully about focal point and placement of each thing on the card. The message, ‘Thinking of you always; has been neatly placed underneath the main focal point of the card, towards the bottom. This placement allows your eyes to see the typography after the butterfly, showing how placement can effect the order of what your eyes see. The main focal point of the poster; the butterfly, appears to be made up from sheets of different shades of pink paper, with the main part showing patterning. The methods of creating a handcrafted paper design shows the care an consideration that has been made to the card, along with the pink colours depicting a sense of love. To continue, the three paper sheet layers of the design make it appear incredibly delicate, like a real butterfly, showing the effort the designer has gone to to portray this delicate and sympathetic emotion. The main message on the image is seen in a looped style typeface, which additionally makes it seem delicate, yet shown in black makes it easy to read. The three dimensional effect of the butterfly almost gives the card a sense of life as the butterfly appears in a stance as if it were going to take off, lessening the focus on the negative space around it. However, despite the simplicity of the design, I feel that the card could almost be too simplistic, and despite the materials used portraying the emotions of the card well, I feel that it almost has too much negative space. When I am designing my cards, this is something I will have to think about carefully, as I have learned from this design that negative space plays a key part in card designs.

Overall, from looking at different examples of sympathy cards I have learnt that generally negative space is used for effect, and the most effective of these cards has an equal placement of negative space to help give off the emotions of the card, yet if too much is used, it can ruin the overall design.


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