Unit 2: Materials, techniques and processes in Art and Design Greeting Card Design – Using materials, techniques and processes to convey ideas, meaning and emotions.Unit 4: Communication through Art and Design

Intro to the Brief

 ” The aim of this assignment is to develop the breadth and depth of learners’ knowledge, and understanding of and skills in communication through art and design. Learners will achieve this by studying how practitioners use primarily visual imagery to communicate ideas, messages and meaning, and then applying findings to their own ideas. The brief will also develop learners’ skills and understanding in working safely and creatively with the materials, techniques and processes associated with their specialist pathway. “

The main aim of the brief is to produce outcomes for the following 4 types of card.

-Valentines Day



-New Baby

The final outcomes must be 3D cards, and must convey the appropriate message for the particular card type. The cards must entice potential buyers, and obtain sales for my lead designs.


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