Valentines Day cards Research

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This Valentines Day card uses a cut out effect which is supported by the pink background behind it, in order to make the words an design clear to read. It has a pink colour scheme, immediately conveying the romantic atmosphere of Valentines day. This card does not have a specific focal point, and therefore makes each part of the design equally important, appearing as though one part would not word without the rest. The card is incredibly personal, as the typography reads ‘I love you to the moon and back Love Lily’ showing this sense of a great amount of love. This is backed up by the star imagery, cut out surrounding the lettering. I feel this card heavily relies on the typography in order for the message to be conveyed. Without the message, it would be hard to infer what the main aim of the card was, due to its incredibly simplistic design. However, I am quite fond of the use of mediums and materials and feel that they are quite effective, as appear very delicate and provide a unique way of conveying a message. This sense of delicacy perhaps conveys the special feeling felt by one partner to another, and shows a caring sense has gone into the card. Despite this, I feel that the card does not convey a clear sense of emotion and therefore makes the materials used quite ineffective. I have learnt from this card that relevant imagery needs to be used in order to convey a certain message, as traditionally valentines cards have some use of heart shaped imagery. Yet this design shows a different approach, making it quite unique and perhaps individual.

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This Valentines day card immediately has a masculine sense to it, as it features a shirt and tie. Gender based, the card is then contradicted by stereo typically feminine colours, and then backed up by a dark background. Negative space is something I feel is not used within this card, as using complete colour, the design has quite a full appearance. The main techniques used within this design is the art of paper folding and origami, but still giving the design a simple sense to it. I feel that the materials used are fairly boring, and do not do much justice in making this card seem as though it is intended for Valentines day. Based upon the paper folded shirt, which seems to be the main focal point of the image, I feel that this card immediately suggests a sense of work, business or even wealth. All these things suggest that the particular imagery used, is less effective for giving off a romantic feeling intended on Valentines day. In an attempt to convey these emotions, the pink areas of the card give subtle hints to Valentines day, yet I feel o not convey the message well. Among the black background, doodle style hearts appear present, as though they have been drawn onto the card with a darker shade of marker pen. I feel that the  intention of these hearts is to convey a sense of love throughout the design, however due to the black colour they are shown in,steers away from the traditional idea of love shown on Valentines day. Overall, from this card I have learnt that  imagery is incredibly important, along with sense of colour, in conveying the message on the card.
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This design is heavily reliant on its use of mixed media. Defying the stereotypical pink colours used to represent Valentines day, this card holds a rustic effect as it uses deep browns, and has a metal-like appearance. It is hard to depict the actual mediums and processes’ used in designing this card, as it has been so cleverly made that the materials are not obvious. I feel that many areas of the card, such as the dragonfly, key, heart and flower, have been made with metal, and bent into the shape of these things. This is one possible idea for the production of these parts. I additionally feel that they could have been handcrafted from cardboard, and painted in a way to give them a rustic appearance, much like the background of the card. This is something I feel would be a lot easier to produce, yet harder to show a rustic effect. The background of the card also appears as though a sense of embossment has been used for the diamond shaped areas, making the background appear less flat. The overall rustic appearance produced through these methods and objects is something which I feel suggests the card symbolises an old fashioned sense, or long lasting love. An immediate sense of love is not portrayed when first looking at the card, as the colours used do not appear loving, yet perhaps work in a way to show off the idea that ‘love is timeless’. Overall, I feel the use of materials creates a more interesting effect on the card, but does not make the message any easier to understand.


This Valentines card has a very simplistic colour scheme, as it is mainly centred on the use of reds and blacks, which are very stereotypical Valentines colours. The use of negative space is something which is used very carefully in this design, as the composition of the main image falls in the centre of the card. I feel that this careful layout makes the main image the most prominent part of the design, as it is the place in which the emotions are derived from. Whilst the colour scheme evokes a sense of love and desire, the materials used are another important part in conveying the emotions of Valentine’s Day. Featured on the tree, are strands of ribbon, each of which conveys this sense of love through the silky texture they have. The smooth, silky feel of the ribbons connote a tender, luxurious sense, perhaps even referencing royalty, and suggesting that the person receiving the card is placed like royalty, above all else. As the silk bow is placed before all else on the card this additionally backs up the sense of the receiver of the card being the most important person. Other materials used within this card appear to include card, a painted picture (or Wacom drawing) and stick on gems/or stickers. The card has been used to create a bordered effect for the centre image on the card, emphasising the importance of the main picture, and suggesting the typography that is placed outside of this border is less important. The bright red colours are dominant and attention seeking, and used with pinks to make up the leaves on the tree ( which in this case are flowers) suggest the designer of the card wanted to convey the idea of having a natural love. The imagery is additionally light-hearted and delicate, showing the delicate nature of love. The red gems used on the card have a shiny, reflective surface resembling diamonds and jewels suggesting the giver of the card loves the receiver with all their wealth.



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