Each piece of artwork I have explored within my artists research uses different colours and materials to portray different emotions. From looking at these artist’s work, I have learnt that colours are a major aspect in depicting different emotions. For example, in Noe Vicente and Pablo Picasso’s paintings, a lot of the colour blue has been used to emphasise sad, and sorrowful emotions. In comparison, Claudio Parentela uses a wide range of colours which give her artwork a bold, happy appearance. These happy emotions are something which are additionally shown through Claudio Parentela’s wide range of materials. From inference, I believe that this artist has used magazine images, coloured pen drawings, along with small areas of paint to produce her piece of work. In particular, the bright colours of the the felt tip pens are what give her work a  cheerful appearance, and have allowed me to gain an insight into what materials are effective for portraying happy emotions. Thomas Lawrence is another artist who portrays happy emotions in his painting, and uses a unique material to do so. I feel that the artist has produced their artwork in oil paints, which despite the thickness the paint has to it, has been used in a way which allows the colours of the oil to bring out a sense of joy. For example, the white and pink tones in the children’s dresses contrasted against the thicker, darker appearance of the oil paint in the background allows the children to have a happy, pure sense about them. The tones of colour behind the children appear darker, and appear in a heavier brush stroke, which additionally add to the light and joyous appearance of the two girls in the picture.


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