Valentines Card


New Baby card:


Birthday Card:


Sympathy Card:


I chose to make my sympathy card quite simplistic, and use a set colour scheme, which I feel has worked quite well. I additionally included a pearl on each of the butterflies, which adds an element of elegance to the card, giving it quite a professional look.

Final Evaluation:

When I first got the brief for this project I was not that pleased as I immediately felt that this project would be quite challenging, which it was. I found producing the cards very time consuming, and if rushed, the result appeared very unprofessional. The part I enjoyed most about this project was making the final cards, as not only do I think these are the most successful cards I have made, but they allowed me to bring all my ideas from my previous cards and research together to produce my final outcomes. Doing my research into different card types, I got the chance to develop an understating into how different materials can convey different emotions, followed by things such as negative space and colour. Particularly focusing on materials, I gained an insight into why softer materials are used for new baby cards, and things such as bright shapes and colours are used on birthday cards. It also gave me an understanding if how stereotypical symbols are used to represent each different event on each type of card such as balloons for birthday, hearts for valentines day and flowers or butterflies for sympathy.

With each card I produced I always made sure to follow the health and safety instructions I had set myself, and follow precautions when handling things like wire, craft knives or scissors.

I completed research looking into the use of media and materials by different artists and designers and I found this to be very beneficial to me throughout my project. It allowed me to explore how different materials can be used in ways which convey different messages and emotions through the quality of the material. This informed me further when it came to making my final pieces, as based on my research and experimental cards, I was able to explore materials that would show relevant emotions to the card. I feel I enjoyed using coloured card the most, as I found it the easiest to work with, and I felt this material had a lot of possibilities, as I was able to cut, fold and manipulate it. I also enjoyed working with watercolor paint, as I found this to be quite an unpredictable medium, as the paint flows in a variety of different directions, and dries darker in some places than others, creating quite interesting effects. The materials I found hardest to use would be cotton wool and wire. I found it hard to use cotton wool in a different sense to how I found it hard to use wire, as I found the wire incredibly tricky to stick down on my cards, yet the cotton wool was easier. I am unfavorable of the use of cotton wool as I am not fond of the feel it has to it, and therefore found hard to pull and assemble how I wanted it, as I really do not like the feel of it. This is why I did not use too much of it. Using the wire to make a paint roller on one of my cards is a way I feel that I used the material in a creative way, as it involved sticking the wire flat to the card, something which was not easy at all. Another creative way I used materials I feel is through using photography for the grass element of my final birthday card. I feel using a photograph allowed my design to have an element of realism to it, and it is something that I had not thought of doing in my previous card designs.

I feel that overall my cards clearly represent the feelings and emotions I wanted them to, and my use of materials was effective based upon the choices I made. My favorite card out of the four I have made is the Valentines card, as I feel that this is the best card at conveying the intended emotions, and is effective due to this. I additionally feel that using a wide range of materials helped this design to convey these emotions greatly, as each element of material shows a different emotions, making the card seem exciting. For example the flowers show a traditional sense of love, whilst the small gems included perhaps show more of a elegant love, giving the card a sense of deep worth.

My least favorite card I made is the birthday card, because I feel  it is the least effective in conveying emotions of a birthday, and believe that some of my birthday experimental cards convey these emotions better. If I were to improve this card, I would add further birthday imagery, and use rainbow colours to evoke a further sense of excitement, like I have done in my refined cards.

From this project I have learnt the different ways in which different materials can convey emotions, and how when different materials are together, they can convey an entirely different emotion or feeling. I feel I have benefited from this project as I have a wider understanding of how hard it is to convey emotions in certain card types, and feel if I were to do a project like this again I would have a lot more knowledge of how to go about completing it.


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