Unit 49 – Specialist Illustration using computer applications.

A famous chef, ‘Dan Lovell-Bray’ has decided to release a new cookbook called ‘Crazy in the Kitchen’. He is also launching a cooking app, range of ready meals and is giving an interview to BBC Good Food magazine. The celebrity chef is looking for a graphic designer/illustrator to design aspects of these projects. For this brief I will need to design:

  • An instructional illustration, illustrating the steps of one of his recipes from the cookbook.
  • A double page spread for BBC Good Food magazine that uses illustration to suggest his experimental ‘crazy’ style of cooking.
  • Either an illustrated app icon for his app ‘Crazy Cooking’ or a piece of illustrated packaging for his ready meal line entitled ‘Dan Lovell-Bray’s Crazy at Home’

The chef has said he wants the designer to use a range of media from scanned textures, illustrator shapes and pen tool, traditional drawings (perhaps in pencil or fine-liner) and Photoshop (Wacom Drawings). Through my designs, I must show the chef’s crazy style of cooking, and my design must be suitable for what it is used for.

I am looking forward to working on this brief as I feel I would enjoy illustrating things. However, I believe that this brief will challenge me, as I am quite unfamiliar in using illustrator, so feel this brief will test me.


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