Final Evaluation

When I first got the brief I was quite pleased with what it was asking me to do. This is because I felt confident in drawing different things and therefore felt that this illustration task would suit me quite well. However, despite looking forward to working on the brief, I knew that the tasks set would be incredibly time consuming, and therefore knew I needed to start on the brief as soon as possible.

I don’t feel that there was a part about the brief I enjoyed working on more than another, as I enjoyed everything about this brief. I found some areas of it tricky however, as I changed my ideas quite a lot throughout the process after discovering things which worked and didn’t work as well, such as the minor obstacles I had to overcome when using illustrator to make my app icon.

My research helped me a lot with this process of illustration as I found that looking at other peoples work was inspiring, and allowed me to gain knowledge into things that were more successful than others. For example, I found that text was something not that needed for illustrating app icons, and it was something which was not used much throughout the app icons I looked at. This helped me to inform my ideas for my own app icon illustration.

Another part of the overall brief I found quite tricky was the inclusion of the ‘crazy’ aspect which Dan Lovell-Bray’s cooking required. I found that my illustrations began quite simple, and then as I took another look at them found they needed a lot of development in order to complete the crazy aspect of the brief.

The most successful part of my app icon I believe is the composition of the illustration itself, as I feel my illustration fits the shape of an app icon. However, my original aim was to give my app icon a 3D sense, which is something that did not go so well, as it was not as professional looking as I was hoping. Despite this, I am happy with the overall quality and finish of my app icon, as I had very little experience in Adobe Illustrator, and I feel that my app icon turned out particularly well despite this.

To improve my app icon, I feel I would work on the ‘craziness’ of it, as I feel that this is something which does not show very strongly within it. To do this, I would add something further to my design so it is not just a cooker, and therefore is perhaps a bit more interesting. This would then additionally help it fit the brief further.I feel that my final app icon does fill the brief, as it has a sense of craziness, and clearly represents the fact that it is a cooking app, due to the imagery used. I additionally feel it is of quite high quality, which makes it fit the brief further, and makes it suitable to use as an app icon.

My instructional illustration is my least favorite design I have produced, as I felt throughout the design process I had no idea what I was aiming my design to be like like, and therefore found it a particularly tricky, time consuming process. My favorite part of the illustration is the background, and composition of the illustration, as I feel putting it around a circular, spiral shape is what allowed the design to come together well, and it what makes it stand out. I additionally like the colour scheme, influenced by a Smoothie recipe I had looked at, and I felt this helped me a lot in making key decisions in my design work. The part I am least fond of about my instructional illustration is the food colouring bottles, and the spoon with sugar on, as both appear to be quite flat and unrealistic illustrations, due to the fact I ran out of time to produce them, as I spent so much time on other illustrative areas (such as the eggs and whisk.) To improve my instructional illustration, I would develop these two areas further, making them more realistic. I would also experiment with typefaces further, as this is something I didn’t have a lot of time to do.

However, overall I feel that my instructional illustration fits the brief quite well, as it shows a sense of craziness through the bright pink colours and the composition, along with the slanted typography.

Producing my magazine spread was something that was incredibly time consuming, and is the thing I feel I put the most work into out of all the illustration work I have produced for this project. My favorite part of the illustration is the chef combined with the tomato, as I feel that the tomato was a very successful feature, which added to the illustration of the chef fairly well. Together, I feel these help to convey a crazy sense, and use two different materials, yet fit together nicely. The part I feel is least successful about my magazine spread illustration is the typography used to go with the magazine spread, as I feel that it is boring, and does not work well with the design. Another part I am less fond of is the hair of the chef, as I feel that this is quite unrealistic, and this is a part which I found quite challenging to draw using a Wacom tablet. If I were to do this illustration again, I would scan in further textures (perhaps one to use in the hair) and use more watercolour painting, as I feel that this is a very strong part in the design. Due to the random paint splatters, and tomato-faced chef, I feel my design is crazy and therefore fits the brief well.

My research is something I feel helped me a lot with this project, as each element of my design work was influenced by my research. My magazine spread was influenced by many aspects of my research, such a Jamie Oliver’f food revolution day magazine spread, which featured of lots of different items of food scattered over a page. Another key influence for this design was the Wacom illustration by Simply Sabba, something which influenced me to use a person for the main focal point of the article. My research came in useful in my app icon illustration through patterning when designing oven gloves based on a cookery app I had found online and additionally through the three dimensional look which I wanted to achieve like Julian Burford had done. In my instructional illustration, I used the circular composition, inspired by an apple cider recipe, and a pink and white colour scheme similar to a pink smoothie recipe found on google images. Each area of my research therefore played a key role in helping the development of my illustration throughout the project, and is something that helped the success of each illustration.

Overall, the part I found hardest about this project was trying to include a ‘crazy’ element in all of my designs. This was something that I ended up including mostly at the final stages of each design, as I found it hard to include in my original ideas. However, I feel I mostly successfully did this, making each of my designs quite successful.


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