final evaluation

When I fist got the brief for this project I was very excited about designing posters and logos advertising Cambridge, and thought it would be a lot more straightforward than it turned out to be. The part I enjoyed most about working on the brief was making thumbnails of my ideas, although I found this tricky, I enjoyed the anticipation of trying to figure out a better idea than the last one I had thought of.

To begin the project, I took some pictures around Cambridge to be the starting point of my posters and logo ideas. I then started to design some rough posters and logos, which was the process of getting my ideas going. After this, I developed my logos and posters on the computer, where I took different steps in refining them to make them as successful as possible, I found this stage quite tricky. After I had done this, I had to round up my ideas and produce my final outcomes, which was again another tricky process, as I wasn’t sure which ideas to go with.

My research for this project was incredibly helpful to me. It allowed me to gain an insight into what other designers do to combine words and images, and how these appear within their posters. It additionally oped up a wide range of ideas for me, allowing me to draw inspiration from various aspects of their work. The main parts of my research that influenced my work fell under the Tourism poster category and ones which I had found as extra parts of my research. A lot of my influence came from a poster of a shoe, which despite not having much correlation with Tourism posters, it gave me a range of ideas of how I could use a similar word and image combination within my work. I was additionally influenced by a Lion King Poster which was designed for Untreed Studios, as I was particularly drawn to the word and image combination within the silhouette of the Lion. I felt the simplicity of this poster was particularly interesting and allowed more focus to be upon the words and images, which uniquely entwined lettering into the face of the animal. As I took such an interest in this, I knew I wanted to use it for designing my Visit Cambridge posters, so much to this extent that it became one of the main influences for my final outcome.

Throughout this project I feel I explored a vast range of word and image combinations and felt I experiment with completely different things allowing me to get a broad range of ideas.

Out of all the designs I have produced, I feel that the most unsuccessful of my designs would be the designs influenced by the shoelace poster. Despite looking quite pleasing, I feel that these had the least connection to my target market purely through the typography, and therefore they were most likely the least successful. Despite feeling a lot of my designs were unsuccessful, I feel I did have a wide range of ideas that were successful, such as the Kings College designs used for my final poster, as I feel the word and image combination is particularly strong, as the words appear as they are part of the building.

Overall, I enjoyed this project but found it very challenging to factor in all the different aspects of the brief, such as having links to the Visit Cambridge website, pleasing the target market, and showing unique and innovative combinations of words and images.From this project, I have learnt how hard all these things are to factor into one design, and feel that I will take elements of the research to influence me when doing other projects, as I have fund out that researching other designers work was particularly useful to me.


Final Logo

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 19.21.06.png

I id not do much further refining of my chosen logo as I felt it was the strongest out all of the ones I had designed so far, and was the best fitted to the brief. The addition of serifs to this logo was something I felt worked well in ways which I hadn’t planned. The historical aspect of Cambridge can be seen through the small images of the college I have included within the logo, whilst the bike touring idea is seen through the bike wheel. Therefore, this logo combined both of my ideas whilst still appealing to my target audience.

The colour scheme I found was something that worked well with the design since the original idea. I therefore barely adapted this, as the bright orange colour made the logo eye catching.

Overall I am happy with my logo, and feel I designed it to the best of my ability. However, there are still aspects I would change if I were to do this project again. For example, I would try a range of typefaces, rather than just experimenting with two, in order to give myself a wider range to select from. I would additionally change how the words and images are placed within the poster, creating more ways I could have my final logo.


Final Poster Design

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 22.19.27.png

This is my final poster for the project. I extremely happy with how it turned out and I feel that is the most exciting combination of words and images that I have come up with so far. It uses aspects of my different designs to come up with a more interesting outcome, rather than just sticking with only one of my designs. By including parts from a few of my designs on this poster I feel that it has allowed me to come up with a broad range of word and image combinations.

This poster is mainly inspired by the ‘Lion King’ poster that I looked at as part of my research, and therefore uses texture in the background. AS i found that this texture was something that worked well, I used texture for parts of the typography, giving it a more interesting effect.

There are many different word and image combinations within this poster. One of these combinations uses a hat which I originally produced as a logo, but late felt the idea would be more suited to a poster, especially as my poster is education based.Therefore, I used this idea to include some key words within my poster, exampling the things Cambridge has to offer. I feel that these combinations work well, as they create an interesting path for the audiences’ eyes as they follow the sting round and reach the top of the hat.

Another combination of words and images comes from the scarf held by the university student. I used a similar idea to this s part of some of my other refine posters, and felt that this part of the idea was successful, so carried it through to my final piece. Holding up a scarf, the student appears to be showing the word ‘Kings College’ in a typeface I chose to suit the audience type.This combination of words and images is fairly simple, but I feel it is also effective. On a yellow background, the typography stands out well, an the shape of the scarf allows the words to flow drawing your eyes from one end to another.

The last two word and image combinations come from the original poster, and have hardly changed. This is due to the fact I felt that these parts were already very strong, and therefore di not need to be changed to drastically.

Overall, I feel based upon the history aspect of the poster, and the blue colour scheme to create a calming mood, this poster suits my audience type quite well. I also feel that by combining words and images within so many different ways, my final poster meets the brief well, and I am pleased with how it has turned out.

Refined poster 3

Refinement 1:screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-19-49-30

This is the first refinement of my Kings College poster. I have started by using a brown texture for the background of the piece, something which the Lion King poster I looked t as part of my research inspired me to do. I additionally added a place name; Kings College, at the top of the page, giving my design further link to my research. This is something which I feel looks effective on the poster, as gives the negative space more of an even quality and almost reduces its appearance, however, I feel it is a weak way of combining words and images. As the words are featured sat the center top of the page, I feel that they prove to have no correlation with the image itself and therefore appear entirely separate. This is something that I hoped to refine further with this idea, as I wanted to create more than one interesting way of combining words and images, and I felt that this particular combination did not fit the brief that well.

To continue, I feel that adding a coloured texture to the background of the piece was very effective. The reason I thought this was because of the way the poster appeared fuller itself, and allowed the typography to feel as though it was actually cut out from the silhouette of Kings College.

The majority of this poster I chose to keep the same, as I mainly wanted to experiment with the use of texture to see how it would affect the design, and to see whether it would be as effective as it is in the Lion King poster in my research.

I feel that the link to my target audience is quite strong in this piece, as the historical aspect of Cambridge can be seen through the college pictured, and the brown colour scheme has correlations to things such as old buildings, showing Cambridge to be quite a historical place. Despite feeling this brown colour works, I feel that adding a sense of blue into this poster will give it more links to the ‘Visit Cambridge’ website, and show that I have thought about the re-branding, giving it some links to the website.

I am incredibly happy with the outcome of this design, and feel that refining it further will make it even more successful. I plan to create some more word and image combinations that could be added to this poster to make it more interesting,giving it a stronger link to the brief.

Refinement 2:


This is the second refinement I made to this poster. I tried to experiment with different word and image combinations by changing the perspectives of the Visit Cambridge web address, and the ‘Kings College’ typography. I feel that by moving the Kings college typography, I have made it come part of the design more as it appears as though it is included within the image. However, I am still not happy with this word and image combination and feel it needs refining further.

As I said I would, I added in blues to this refinement. I feel that this particular blue gives the poster more of an electric feel, which is almost aimed at more of a younger audience than the one that I had aimed to target. To develop this further,I would make the blue colour less vibrant, and make it more like the colours used on the Visit Cambridge website, as I feel this would be more audience appropriate.

Refinement 3:


This is the third refinement of my Kings College inspired design. I feel that this is the most successful refinement out of the three that I have created so far. I completely changed the colour scheme with this design to make it more suitable for my target audience and link to the Visit Cambridge website and I am happy with how this has turned out. I additionally added a further texture to the typography, as I found that using a texture for the background design worked well and therefore I wanted to add more into my design further on.

I additionally added the use of gradients within this design as this is something which is featured on the Visit Cambridge website, and I feel that it looks very effective on my poster.

I have not experimented further with the typography in this design but feel if I were to take this design further it would need even more refinement. For example, I feel that the typefaces of some of the typography on my design could be edited and adapted to suit my audience more, perhaps by the inclusion of some Serif typefaces, making the design appear more elegant and sophisticated.

I additionally feel that the combination of words and images needs further adaption within this design as the negative space could be used for additional words demonstrating further ways of combining words and images within this poster.I feel that the combination of words and images on this poster is strong so far, as the words blend into the structure of Kings College. However, I feel the design would be more innovative if more than one word and image combination is included. The web address I feel is a particularly strong part of this poster, as it looks as though it is part of the structure of the building, and the size of the typography fits in well with the little features at the top of the building.

I hope to take this design and develop it further as I feel that out of all of my designs, this one features the best combination of words and images, and along with the textures used, is the most innovative design.


Refinement 1:


This is the first version of my refined poster. It uses a simple typeface, which much like the Sydney City poster I looked at for my research, goes in and out of the different aspects of the building. This word and image combination is incredibly simple, but I feel the simplicity to it is what makes it effective.

This poster has one main link to the Visit Cambridge website through the blue gradient used in the sky, which is a tone I additionally feel Works well for my chosen target audience.

I used Photography for this design as I feel it linked in best to what the designer in my research had done, and I felt that the realism Photography would portray within my work makes it even more sophisticated, and suited to my target audience.

The typeface is something I am less happy with on this design, as I feel that it does not have much link to my target audience and if I am to refine this design further, this is the main aspect that would need changing. I additionally feel that the design lacks individuality and creativity, and perhaps looks too much like the design I looked at for research. Therefore I feel a lot needs to be changed with this design.

Despite this, I am very happy with the word and image combination and feel that it is subtle, and along with the blue background, has quite a quiet, calming appearance. I feel the white colour works well in the design as it almost alludes to the idea of the letters being like clouds, making their placement look natural within the design. Additionally, the perspective of this design is something which works well, as the image is rotated like the one seen in my artist research, putting more emphasis on the typography as it draws your eyes across the page.

I am very happy with how this design has turned out, and hope to develop it further, starting with making the font more appropriate for my chosen audience.

Refinement 2:


This is the second refinement of this poster, where I have attempted to add in the web address and change the style of the font shown. I feel just by changing the font, the design appears to have changed quite considerably. I feel that the text is more audience appropriate, however it seems to be less visible, as the thinner typography is slightly harder to read.

I feel that the placement of my web address works fairly well on this design as becomes part of the image, yet is not that noticeable. This works for showing the hierarchy that the other part of typography has over the web address, yet I feel that the visibility of both is quite poor.

Due to the typeface being fairly thin, I feel that changing the placement of the typography may improve the visibility of the “Visit Cambridge” text. As this is one of the most important parts of the poster, I feel that the size and placement of it is crucial to the design. However, if I am to change the way that the typography sits I feel it will be quite difficult to use this same style of word and image combination and therefore feel that taking this style forward would be quite tricky.

I additionally feel that despite the colour scheme of the design working quite well, perhaps changing the colour of the typography will make the design more effective. Making it a more prominent colour, the text may be easier to read from a distance, making it a lot easier to read.

Refinement 3:


This is the third refinement I did of my design. I changed the colour of the typography to a colour which relates to Cambridge more. using this blue colour creates further links to the Visit Cambridge website, whilst also working well for my target audience. Additionally, I felt that removing the White still made the lettering hard to read, so I added a white silhouette to go along side the building and begging the typography, in attempt to bring the words forward from the background of the page. I feel that not many more word and image combinations can be added to this design, as it would over complicate it, and therefore I feel that I cannot take his design forward.




Refinement 1:


This is the first refined poster of my idea. It is based around the shoe lace design which I looked at for my research, and uses the string part of a graduation hat to create the words Visit Cambridge. I am quite happy with this idea as I feel that the imagery is relevant to the target audience as clearly depicts the historical areas of Cambridge. However, I feel that the typographical elements of the poster are less effective, as the typeface has less connection with my target audience. I feel that the combination of words and images within this poster is quite effective as the imagery creates the words, linking the two together. I am also quite pleased with the colour scheme of this design, as I feel it clearly shows historic links and represents this aspect through the poster. However, despite this historical link, I feel that the colour scheme could be adapted further to include elements that link into the Visit Cambridge Website, whilst also linking to my target audience. I feel that the style of the typography works well for the particular imagery, as this is something which allows the words to be quite free, making the audience’s eyes flow around the shape of the typography. I hope to develop this design further by using even more combinations of words and imagery within it.

Refinement 2:


This is the second refinement of my rough idea. I am quite pleased with the way this design has turned out as I feel the colours within the poster work well together. Additionally, I have adapted the word and image combination slightly by changing the colour and neatening up the writing, in an attempt to make it look slightly more sophisticated, and less messy.  I feel that the word and image combination within this piece is quite strong, as it looks quite believable that the words have come from the string attached to the students hat. However, a flaw in this part of the design is the fact that the letter T’ is not crossed, and appears more of an ‘L’ due to trying to make the string element look realistic. This may make the words deceiving from a great distance.

Using yellow for the typography in this word and image combination makes the connection the words have with the image a lot more striking. This additionally creates a clear, set focal  point, allowing the image of the building to fade into the background of the design.The white silhouette shapes around the design also help to bring forward the word and image combination, as the sharp angular shapes of the building almost point at the typography. This style of typography was specifically aimed to look like string, and therefore does not consider audience too much. However, a stronger connection between the type of audience my design is aimed at could be created by developing this looped string effect into more of a calligraphy.

In an attempt to combine the words an images in more of a creative and realistic way, I tried using actual string to get a more interesting outcome. I found manipulating the strong into a set style particularly hard, and was not pleased with the outcome.

The use of string is something which I felt would allow my work to develop more connections with the designers work that I had explored in my research, yet only learnt how hard it is to produce such a successful outcome as the one I had looked at.

The particular angle of the string with these designs has rough reference to Abram Games’ ‘Jersey’ poster, in which the typography is placed at an angle drawing your eyes in an angled position. With this idea in mind, I purposefully put my typography at an angle.  Using string allowed me to see a different take on my design, but I found the appearance of the string too forced, which did not work well on my poster. I found the string hard to connect to the imagery because of this, and felt it had not worked well, and chose to not take this idea much further.

Refinement 3:


This is the last refinement I made to this particular design. With the influence of the ‘Sydney City’ poster I looked at for research, along with the shoe lace design poster, I combined the two. Using buildings, I referenced the Sydney poster as well as angling silhouette shaped buildings in the style of this design. The words and images used were under the influence of the shoe lace design, which additionally uses a similar style to the other refinements of this poster.

One of the main adaptions with this poster was the changing of the colour scheme. I felt I needed a colour scheme which was more appropriate for my audience and additionally had strong links to the Visit Cambridge website. Furthermore, I feel that the blues and whites seen within this poster have connotations to the sky, which evokes quite a calming mood, suitable for my audience type.

I am not as happy with the word and image combination on this refinement as I am with the other two refinements, as I feel that it appears quite random, and as if it has no correlation to the rest of the image. To continue, I feel that despite the white colour of the typography contrasting nicely against the blue background, the colour of the text along with the style of the typography makes it hard to read from as distance. The large loops that are included within the text I feel are quite casual, and less suitable for advertising the sophisticated nature of the history in Cambridge.

Overall I feel that this idea was not that successful, and would need a lot of refinement if I were to take it further.

Refined poster 1


screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-19-08-50This is a refinement of one of my original cycling inspired rough poster design. The main things I adapted within this design are the background, ‘Visit Cambridge’ typography, and the addition of new typography.

Firstly, I made the main typography within the poster stand more as I felt that it was not prominent enough to be read from far away, and this was therefore restricting the design. To do this, I duplicated the layer multiple times within Photoshop, which allowed me to reduce the visibility of this part of the design. Despite doing this, I still feel that this typography is quite weak as it is not a singe block colour which still restricts how easy it is to read. However, the way these words are combined with the image is something I feel that worked incredibly well, as the two appear as one. I found it fairly tricky to do this, yet feel combining them worked well. The additional text I have added to this poster is the phrases ‘cycling keeps Cambridge moving’ and ‘The city of cycling’ These phrases I added as ideas of slogans, in ways which intend to advertise Cambridge as a bike friendly place. The phrase ‘cycling keeps Cambridge moving’ I added to the shoe of the design in an attempt to combine this with the image. However, I feel like this combination of words and images is not too successful, as the words appear as though they are sitting on top of the image of the shoe, which is not the outcome I had intended. Furthermore, I feel that the typography is fairly un-neat which doesn’t help this aspect, and the hand drawn effect is something which relates less to my target audience. To improve this particular part of the design, I feel that I could use a Serif based typography to provide a more elegant look, whilst making the design seem more appropriate for the audience I am advertising.

The development of the background of this poster is something I felt was crucial to the design, as I felt the inclusion of a specific historical place in Cambridge to advertise the idea that bike tours can be taken in the city was an important message behind the design. Therefore I have placed a photograph of kings college, along with a bike wheel, to show this. I feel that adding these elements into the background of the piece gave the poster a fuller look, and demonstrated the original idea more.

Overall, I am quite happy with this design as I feel it represents my ideas well. However, I feel that the design does not have much of a set colour scheme which makes the poster seem quite random, and the bright green grass behind the main focal point of the image draws your eyes away from the typography. I feel that the word and image combination worked well, however does not suit my audience type as I feel it has more of an urban, modernised feel to it. Therefore, I will not be taking this design further.

Peer Review of Rough Posters

I feel that peer reviewing my work helped a lot with my ideas as it allowed me to get another perspective of how my designs could be developed and refined. My group felt that if I combined three of my ideas into one, I could make an interesting outcome, with a more interesting combination of words and images. By doing this, I would maximise the amount of words and images that are combined within one piece, creating a stronger link to the brief. Without peer reviewing my designs I may not have come up with this idea, and therefore I feel that peer review has helped me a lot.

Rough Poster idea 5

So far I have made 3 rough posters based upon some of the the designs I have researched. The main influence for these designs I have created come from the three posters below, which combine the words and images in way which makes the words a part of the image. I am particularly fond of these ideas and therefore want to include them in my own designs.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 22.19.06.png


This idea uses clouds as the main source for combining words and images. I feel if it were to be refined further, this design could be quite successful as the words seem as though they are part of the picture. The focal point of this idea is entered around the imagery specifically, and how it merges in with the clouds behind it. My intention with this piece was to show elements of cambridge through a high perspective, allowing more of the city to be featured through the photography. Specifically having the colleges within this photograph allows me to create links to my audience, as these are places in which I feel that they would take interest in. I feel a part of this design that is less successful is the colour scheme used; mainly greys, which although allow me to combine the words and images quite well, do not make cambridge much of an inviting place. However, this is something that could be refined further, by changing the colours in the sky and making it seem a brighter picture.

Using the clouds as the main place my typography comes from allows the design to have an interesting composition as the typography becomes a part of the image. Using a light opacity on Photoshop, I created cloud like letters to mimic realistic clouds making the design seem fairly professional.Furthermore, combining the words in this way allowed me to make them a large part of the design, showing their importance and how they stand out over the top of the picture. A slight texture is also seen through the typography as they are based on clouds, so show some transparent parts, not blocking out too much of the images. A way of developing the word and image combination further would be to work on a sense of background and foreground, by perhaps pushing the less important word ‘visit’ further into the background of the piece, connecting the word to a different cloud. This would then make the overall design appear less flat.

This idea links to my research through the way the words have been combined into the background of the image, including it within the picture. I feel the way the words and images are combined is something which makes this idea quite strong, and the way of combining the words into the imagery is something I want to carry forward further into my project.

To make this combination of words and images more innovative, I could use materials other than Photoshop to combine the two together, such as using elements of material and scanning them in to develop the design further. Additionally, chasing the colours within the design may make it more exciting, as using a bright white for the clouds along with a blue sky may make the design more appealing.

I feel that this design does work well for my target audience, but could be focused around areas of cambridge they are more specifically interested in, rather than such a general view of the city. To develop this, I could choose a different area of Cambridge to focus this idea around.

I feel that this idea does meet the brief as it combines words and images, whilst using my own photos to do so. It additionally is aimed at the audience of 35-60 year olds, by showing a wide area of cambridge.


Similar to the design above, this design combines the words and images through merging them into the image, expanding the pole within the image to make it into the typography. I feel that this design is quite successful, and would be even more so if it were to be refined further. Refining this design further would allow me to include a tag line, and additional text by perhaps linking them to the other poles within the piece, or connecting them to another part of the image. I feel that the overall colour scheme within this design is quite dull, and could be refined to make the colours more suitable to my target audience. Along with this, I would work on making the colours of the typography as close to the colours of the pole as possible, as this will make the design seem more realistic, allowing a stronger combination of words and images.

I specifically used the typography as the focal point for this piece as I felt it is an incredibly important part of the design, and these specific words should have heighrarchy in the design due to their importance.

The photo I have used for this image is something I feel that makes the design less successful. This is because it is not that specific to my target audience, and therefore lacks too much link to the brief. Despite this, I feel the combination of words and images is strong, and therefore this design could be worked on further to fulfil the brief to a stronger extent.

To make the word and image combination even more successful, I could change the focal point of the typography, linking it into the work of designers I have researched further, such as Abram Games.


A main way to refine all the the above designs further whilst still linking them to my research is to use materials other than Photoshop to combine the words and images with.

Rough poster idea 4

Inspired by strawberry fields are forever and Isaac Newtons tree and theories in Cambridge.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 21.12.48.pngThis is a rough poster which takes influence from ‘Strawberry fields forever’ By Jonathon Lax. It is centred on the idea of using Isaac Newton’s theory as a main area of focus for the messages shown within the poster. Whilst studying at Cambridge, Isaac Newton supposedly sat under a tree when an apple fell and hit his head, leading him to discover the idea of gravity. This slightly embellished story is majorly famous, but more importantly, leads one of the most ground breaking discoveries in Cambridge. Still standing, Newton’s tree can be found just outside the front grounds of the colleges and is a key tourist destination; especially for those interested in history. Using this to influence my design, I have used Jonathon Lax’s style to develop an apple made up from typography, telling Isaac Newton’s story. By doing so I have created an incredibly Historic poster, in attempt to create a strong link to Cambridge and also enticing my target audience. However, this design needs a lot of refinement.
Using reds clearly links into Jonathon Lax’s style, whilst sticking to the use of fruit to additionally show how this designer has influenced me. However, I feel that a different colour scheme is something which would make my word and image combination even more effective. Using more appropriate colours, such as those linking into the Visit Cambridge website, or the muted tones I have shown this particular audience to be interested in, would make the design link to my target audience further.
The rounded shape of the apple allows the words to create the imagery incredibly well, whilst the sizing of the letters go from large to small, allowing the audience’s eyes to move from the top to bottom of the design. Additionally, this sizing makes the words ‘Visit Cambridge’ the largest part of typography, giving it hierarchy over the other bits of text.
Using typography to become the imagery is a clever technique that Jonathon Lax incorporated in his design and was therefore something I wanted to try when making my ‘Visit Cambridge poster’. Due to this, I feel that my poster has an incredibly strong way of incorporating type and text, allowing a strong focal point as the typography draws your eyes to the centre of the page. The successes of combining words and images in this way is the unity the words and images have as they both work with each other to perform different purposes.